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Owen and his team are remarkable. They've taken the very best care of me and spread my investments in such a way that I've not had a single moment of panic - not even when Finance Ministers changed and changed again! This team is impressive and just they've just the right amount of smarts, service, and heart that I, as a novice investor, need. It helps to know that my hard-earned money is in safe hands.

Ursula ChikaneMedia Personality and Business Woman

Inkunzi Wealth Group assisted me consolidate my investment portfolio. Soon thereafter, they started diversifying my portfolio by introducing me to offshore investing. They also added listed property which has been extremely beneficial to me since I love property in general. Their investment returns are also satisfactory and their ability to communicate in simple language is a plus for me. I would recommend Inkunzi to everyone.

Doris MogotsiBusiness Woman

I like how they quickly respond to my queries and implementing my instructions. They speak in my home language to ensure I understand everything they are doing for me. Importantly, over the four years that I have been invested with them, I have seen my investment grow over time. I have confidence and trust what they do. They make me feel very comfortable and welcome as a client – they care about me as a person.

Elsie MangwaneRetired educator

I am precise, I pay attention to detail and I want things done a certain way. For our first meeting, I demanded that a wealth manager drives to where I live (3 hours away from JHB). The gentlemen arrived; we had a very informative discussion about my portfolio. I do not live in South Africa anymore, but they still keep in touch to check how things are going. It may not seem much, but it’s the little things that make a difference – Ubuntu.

M.MDiplomat in Europe
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