A Group Annuity For Your Employees

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A group retirement annuity allows employers in small to medium-sized businesses to offer their staff cost-effective, tax-efficient retirement savings solutions.

You can offer your staff the benefit of a self-managed retirement fund while encouraging them to make provision for their future financial security.

Their contributions are linked to their salaries, reducing the complexity of setting up individual pension funds and dealing with time-consuming administrative requirements.

  • A minimum of five employees is required to start a group retirement annuity. Each employee must contribute a minimum of R500 a month
  • Employees can stop contributions without any penalties and start contributing again at a later stage
  • We can structure the retirement annuity to suit the individual requirements of each of your employees
  • We will send out quarterly statements and personal finance articles to educate your employees on retirement planning
  • Should an employee leave your business, they can continue their contribution to the same investment should they choose to do so
  • Employees cannot retire from the fund before age 55 or make withdrawals when they leave your business
Stable Portfolio
Why this portfolio?

You want a model portfolio that seeks to deliver returns above that of a money market account

You have a low risk appetite but require capital growth

You want to preserve your capital, without exposing it to capital loss over a two year period

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Balanced Portfolio
Why this portfolio?

You want steady growth of income and capital

You are comfortable with moderate market fluctuations and potential capital loss

You are investing for three years or longer

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Equity Portfolio
Why this portfolio?

You require long-term capital growth

You do not require an income from your investment

You are willing to accept short-term capital losses

You are investing for five years or longer

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