Employee Benefits

carefully selected investment portfolios

Employers play an important role in contributing to employees’ financial well-being.

We take pride in the flexibility of our employee benefits solutions, which provide for different types of employers – small companies who want to belong to an umbrella fund with a more structured approach, and to large employers looking for flexibility, transparency choice and member training and education.

Identifying and sourcing out the most suitable employee benefit structure and retirement fund solution is necessary for employee wellness.

Stable Portfolio
Why this portfolio?

You want a model portfolio that seeks to deliver returns above that of a money market account

You have a low risk appetite but require capital growth

You want to preserve your capital, without exposing it to capital loss over a two year period

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Balanced Portfolio
Why this portfolio?

You want steady growth of income and capital

You are comfortable with moderate market fluctuations and potential capital loss

You are investing for three years or longer

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Equity Portfolio
Why this portfolio?

You require long-term capital growth

You do not require an income from your investment

You are willing to accept short-term capital losses

You are investing for five years or longer

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