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Save For Retirement

carefully selected investment portfolios

    If you are not a member of your employer retirement fund, you are self-employed or you need to increase your existing retirement savings, you can open a retirement annuity account. A retirement annuity is a personal retirement plan which enables you to save tax-efficiently for retirement.

    You can contribute to your investment whenever you choose to and can invest through a monthly debit order starting from R1 000 per month. We can restructure your existing retirement annuity fund
    Are you already contributing to a retirement fund? Do you know if you are contributing enough money to achieve your retirement goals?

    Do you ever stop to consider that you might not be invested appropriately? We can assist you restructure existing retirement annuity fund administered by other companies. We will work with you to provide the right solution for your specific needs.

    • Your money is invested in a selection of carefully selected investment portfolios
    • The contributions that you pay into a retirement annuity are tax deductible up to certain limits
    • Any investment growth you achieve is tax free
    • No withdrawals are allowed from the investment until the minimum retirement age of 55

    What is a retirement annuity fund?

    A retirement annuity is an investment product that allows you to save for your retirement in a tax-efficient way in addition to saving through an employer pension or provident fund.

    Who can invest in a retirement annuity fund?

    The product is suitable for the following investors:

    • You are self-employed and do not have a retirement fund
    • You wish to increase your existing retirement savings
    • You are employed but your employer does not offer a retirement fund

    What are the benefits of investing in a retirement annuity fund?

    • Your contributions are tax deductible up to certain limits
    • You do not pay tax on dividends, interest and capital gains
    • You cannot access your funds before the age of 55. This ensures financial security in retirement

    How can I start a retirement annuity fund account?

    You can start a retirement annuity through a monthly debit order or a lump sum. You may stop your debit order at any time without any penalties. The minimum debit order amount is R1 000 a month and the minimum lump sum is R50 000.

    Can I make a withdrawal from my account?

    You cannot access your money before the age of 55. A retirement annuity is not suitable for you if you wish to access your money before you reach the age of 55. The only time you can make a withdrawal is if your investment value is less than R7 000 or you emigrate.

    What happens when I reach retirement age?

    When you retire from a retirement annuity fund, you are allowed to take up to one-third of your retirement money in cash and transfer the balance to an annuity. An annuity is a product that will provide you with an income during retirement.

    What happens to my money if I die?

    Your retirement annuity investment does not form part of your estate and will not be governed by your Will. In accordance with Section 37 of the Pension Funds Act, the Trustees of the retirement annuity have freedom of choice to award death benefits to your dependents or nominated beneficiaries. Dependents will be given preference when allocating the benefit, after which nominated beneficiaries and your estate will be considered.

    What is Regulation 28?

    Regulation 28 limits the extent to which retirement funds may invest in particular assets or in particular asset classes. The main purpose is to protect members against poorly diversified investment portfolios The Administrator is required to ensure that each member’s investment complies with the following asset class limits:

    • 75% in shares
    • 25% in property
    • 25% in foreign assets
    Stable Portfolio
    Why this portfolio?

    You want a model portfolio that seeks to deliver returns above that of a money market account

    You have a low risk appetite but require capital growth

    You want to preserve your capital, without exposing it to capital loss over a two year period

    I'm Interested
    Balanced Portfolio
    Why this portfolio?

    You want steady growth of income and capital

    You are comfortable with moderate market fluctuations and potential capital loss

    You are investing for three years or longer

    I'm Interested
    Equity Portfolio
    Why this portfolio?

    You require long-term capital growth

    You do not require an income from your investment

    You are willing to accept short-term capital losses

    You are investing for five years or longer

    I'm Interested

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