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Save For Your Children

carefully selected investment portfolios

    There are many available options when it comes to saving for your children. They each have different tax rules and restrictions.

    What is right for one person may not be right for another. However, most parents want control over when and how the money is accessed.

    Unit trusts are a common choice and a flexible investment solution which you can use to save towards your children’s future. You can start investing from as little as R2 500 per month.

    • The account can be held in the child’s name
    • You have signing powers on the account until your child reaches the age of 18
    • You can start an investment by contributing a minimum of R500 a month. Or a single lump sum of R20 000 or more
    • You can adjust your debit order contributions to your changing needs without any penalties
    • You can add more money to the investment whenever you want
    • You may withdraw all or a portion of the investment at any time
    • Professional investments managers manage your money
    • Your investment growth is based on the performance of the model portfolio that we select for you.

    What are unit trusts?

    A unit trust is a type of investment that allows individuals easy and cost-effective access to the stock market. Unit trusts invest in asset classes such as shares, bonds, money market and property. It provides exposure to these asset classes without having to invest in them directly, making investing more affordable.

    Your financial contribution in a unit trust is combined with that of other investors. Pooling everyone’s contribution in a unit trust provides a cost effective way for various investors to access the stock market.

    Who should invest in unit trusts?

    Anyone who can afford to invest for the medium to long-term. You can use unit trusts to invest for most of your life goals. Unit trust are a flexible investment that is suitable for most investors.

    How much do I need to invest for education?

    It can be difficult to know how much school/university fees may cost in the future. A wealth manager will be able to help you work it out. Remember that certain accounts limit the amount of money you can save in them.

    What happens to the investment if I die?

    If the account is opened under your children’s name, it will not be affected by your death. The investment will remain active, until your child decides to withdraw the funds. If the account is under your name, the money will go into your estate. The executor of your estate will then allocate it to your beneficiaries based on your Will.

    What returns will I receive from my investment?

    We cannot guarantee what your returns will be in the future. The return on your investment depends on the performance of the underlying investments (shares, bonds, property, money market or offshore investments) that we select for you. The market value of the investment may go down as well as up, and past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future.

    What happens if I cannot afford my monthly debit order?

    You can stop your monthly contributions at any time without any penalties. The money that is left in your account will continue to be invested in the underlying investments (shares, bonds, property, money market or offshore investments) that we selected for you.

    How long should I invest in unit trusts?

    Unit trust investments are medium to long-term investments. We encourage clients to invest for long periods in order to benefit from our investment approach. There are unit trust funds that are designed to suit clients that want to invest for shorter periods and do not want to expose their money to investment risk.

    Is my money safe in a unit trust?

    Unit trusts are legally known as Collective Investment Schemes. They are regulated by the Financial Services Board and governed by the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, No 45 of 2002. The assets of the unit trust funds do not form part of the assets of Inkunzi Wealth Group. Our role is to provide financial advice and we are not licensed to accept cash deposits from investors.

    Stable Portfolio
    Why this portfolio?

    You want a model portfolio that seeks to deliver returns above that of a money market account

    You have a low risk appetite but require capital growth

    You want to preserve your capital, without exposing it to capital loss over a two year period

    I'm Interested
    Balanced Portfolio
    Why this portfolio?

    You want steady growth of income and capital

    You are comfortable with moderate market fluctuations and potential capital loss

    You are investing for three years or longer

    I'm Interested
    Equity Portfolio
    Why this portfolio?

    You require long-term capital growth

    You do not require an income from your investment

    You are willing to accept short-term capital losses

    You are investing for five years or longer

    I'm Interested

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